What makes the Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2 Faster? Smarter? Stronger?The TriTech RivX Boom suspension system, built with aviation industry technology to provide you with the perfect spray coverage!

Over 20 years of self-propelled manufacturing has shown operators there is a need for lightweight, high clearance, high capacity sprayers. Our G6 Crop Cruiser is the best possible solution for large scale dryland farming enterprises.

Faster, smarter, stronger – the G6 has raised the bar in terms of operator comfort and usability. Under its bodywork lurks a totally new sprayer, bringing features to the market that make spraying easier, quicker and more enjoyable than ever before.

Our latest model features the G-Hub – Goldacres integrated system, an intuitive and easy to use electronic control system, the all-new Tritech RivX boom for unmatched boom stability along with a host of new features for improved sprayer performance and reliability.

  1. Adjustable mounting of sprayer G-Hub console is in line of sight, but low enough so it does not hinder the outside view.
  2. Push button transmission selector. Displays selected and actual gear.
  3. G-Motion™ handle. Adjustable position caters for all operators.
  4. Boom folding functions.
  5. Various machine functions like spray pump on/off, 4WD (if optioned) and boom recirculation just to name a few.
  6. Hinged padded armrest which reveals a large storage area.

Intuitive & easy to use system with on-board diagnostics

The G-Hub system comprises of a cabin display, external display, PLC (programmable logic controller), I/O modules, sensors and switches to control and monitor all critical machine functions and packages it all into one easy to use fully integrated system. The G-Hub also operates seamlessly with all leading steering and mapping providers using the ISO BUS protocol. On-board diagnostics allows operators to quickly pinpoint problems without the need for laptops, specialised service tools or internet connections, thus minimising downtime.

G-Hub – Cabin display
Using a low profile 12” full colour touch display nicely situated into the operator side console without restricting external vision. The display is segmented into two screens. 1. Drive train information and 2. Sprayer Information.

G-Hub – External display
Featuring a full colour 5” screen and button panel to control all fill and clean functions with the push of a button.

That’s why Goldacres make it easy, with multiple solutions from the basic requirements to the top end needs.
For more than 2 decades Goldacres have relied on Raven to provide complete flow control systems with matched components to give, quite simply, unmatched flow control accuracy and stability.
At the heart of the control system is a positive displacement pump which runs at a consistent rpm. This creates known flow rates across varying pressures, essential for accurate and stable flow control. In addition, two system-critical components, a flow meter and three-way regulator valve combine to help achieve fast “on target rate”, plus greater flow stability with known tank agitation.

ISOBUS systems
Sprayer cabins can get pretty busy with the vast range of systems requiring individual control consoles. The ISO BUS standard brings all the systems together into the one display, called a virtual terminal (VT). Essentially each system contains the brains, while the VT is simply the interface between the two. This means only one operator console is required. Goldacres offer the option for ISO BUS compatibility, allowing numerous leading VT displays to take over the sprayer control duties. Features like 3TS, pump speed readout, ultrasonic boom levelling plus sprayer steering and task control applications can all be monitored by the one display.

Raven RCM

The G6 Crop Cruiser is fitted with the Raven Control Module (RCM). The RCM features dual nodes which enable 2 screens to be used simultaneously, 16 boom section control, remote diagnostics via Bluetooth and 3TS Pro compatibility.

We know that one size does not fit all
Seven-way adjustable seat, adjustable side console, adjustable G-Motion™ handle position and adjustable steering column ensure operators of all sizes can find a place to do their best work.

Two’s not a crowd
When the days are long and a bit of company is needed it’s nice to have a proper place for someone to sit. The padded training seat with seatbelt is large and comfortable without hindering the operator’s vision or space. The seat also folds away to reveal a large storage area with optional cooling module for food and beverages.

Keep your cool
The Australian summers can be long and hot, but that doesn’t mean you should be. The fully integrated automatic climate controlled air conditioning system with carbon filter allows the operator to set and forget. Strategically placed air ducting ensures air movement is even around the cabin. There’s even an overhead cooled storage compartment for a drink bottle.

The Goldacres Crop Cruiser has set the benchmark in terms of driving dynamics for many years.

The secret to this is the rigid chassis, suspension and mechanical driveline system which provides the foundation to build on. The main chassis is a fully welded, torsionally rigid semi truss structure. This offers not only the best sprayer and boom ride but also the optimum balance between strength and weight.
The proven 5 link suspension featuring polyurethane bushed heavy-duty torque rods, rear anti-sway bar and air springs on all four corners provide a stable, yet smooth ride. All this combined with the full mechanical driveline results in performance on the ground.

  1. Large vertically stacked cooling system for fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air and air conditioning. Optimised cooling fan to reduce noise whilst still provide maximum airflow.
  2. Over The Radiator (OTR) air cleaner system with twin stage filtration provides cool clean air to the engine.
  3. Variable speed cooling fan for reduced fan noise, improved fuel economy and increased power.
  4. Cummins Tier 3 QSB 6.7L – 6-cylinder engine rated to 168kw (225hp) and 949N.m (700 lb-ft). Featuring 2 stage torque curve for maximum driveline life without compromising performance.
  5. Allison 2500 series 6-speed transmission with electronic push-button selector. Double overdrive reduces engine RPM whilst still maintaining 50km/hr transport speed. Lock-up clutches improve performance whilst dramatically reducing heat build-up and fuel usage.
  6. 440L polyethylene fuel tank with both left and right-hand side filling points provides enough fuel for the longest spray days without the need to refuel.
  7. Trussing of chassis in the centre provides maximum strength with minimum weight. 200 x 100 x 9mm main rails.
  8. Oversize 110mm hard chromed steering kingpin front leg with mechanical link between front wheels ensures correct steering Ackerman angles & alignment*
  9. 5 link torque rods with rear sway bar. 4 x rolling lobe air springs with ride-height levelling. Shock absorbers on all corners, front feature double knuckle for extreme axle articulation.
  10. 48mm anti-sway bar reduces body roll without limiting individual wheel travel.
  11. Oil filled final drive drop leg puts the power to the ground. Both 2WD and true 4WD versions available.
  12. 4-wheel disc brakes with full hydraulic brake circuit. Spring operated diff mounted disc park brake.
  13. Integrated boom connection points. Non-flexing chassis provides a stable platform for boom control.
  14. 100L hydraulic oil reservoir with level and temperature sensors.
  15. New limited-slip differential (LSD) provides superior traction to both rear wheels.

Today’s sprayers are full of bells and whistles which makes spraying a whole lot easier, comfortable and efficient, but it’s easy to forget what the end goal is. Precise chemical application.

Boom control can be the difference between a good spray result, and no result at all. Goldacres understand this and it is why all our sprayer designs are centred around the boom first and foremost.

Why do Goldacres booms ride so well?
Goldacres pioneered the use of lightweight aluminium in the outer boom wings over two decades ago. The philosophy was, and still is today that mass on a boom is fine so long as it is as close to the centre as possible. Reduced mass on the boom extremities reduces boom forces in both yaw and roll. This combined with the unique boom suspension results in a very stable boom ride, regardless of the terrain.
TriTech booms are contour following, meaning that the boom level will be referenced to the sprayer chassis and not purely on gravity such as a pendulum boom. This allows the sprayer to transverse the sides of hills and contours whilst keeping the boom level to the ground at all times. This results in placing the nozzle at the optimum height above the target.

Some manufacturers claim that by placing the boom out the front of the sprayer the job is made easier. But is it really? There are many reasons why rear mounted booms are better.

  • The sprayer is always moving away from the chemical spray, meaning the chemical ends up on the target, not on the sprayer.
  • Access to the sprayer cabin is at the front, free from chemicals. Front mounted boom sprayers have access at the rear which could have chemical residue due to driving into the spray.
  • A boom at the rear allows the sprayer to backup and then spray out of a corner.
  • When travelling down the road forward visibility is not hampered by the boom centre section.
  • A front mounted boom by its nature must have a relatively clear centre section so the operator can see through when folded. This means the boom suspension system must be quite basic, or non existent, resulting in poor boom performance and ride. A rear mounted boom is not constrained by this and can therefore feature very sophisticated boom suspension systems, which result in superior boom ride.